Thursday, January 17, 2008

ive been busy with non-fun things lately.

all ive done this week is make this fun tri peaked hat for my friend. its made of some green recycled yarn i bought in stockholm and has a inside trim of brown knitpicks merino style bc the green yarn isnt too soft. i like it, its so much fun. bad picture.

school starts much to do before the end. my house is so cold, studio is so cold. i cant wait for spring.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


right now my favorite yarn has got to be rowan felted tweed - the colors, the fabric, the beautiful tweedyness of it. so far this winter i have made three hats out of it: the first was a ginger shedir (from knitty) which was my first foray into cables (and i used a cable needle the whole time...i have to figure out how to cable with the cable needle next time...). this i threw together in 4 days due to my love of using knitting to procrastinate. the second was the purple concoction of tam/snood. it didnt come out quite like i wanted it but i like it none the less.

at this time i came into possession of a red jacket which neither of these hats matched. my ears were cold for weeks.

finally i got myself a neutral color and yesterday in the beautiful sunshine (and 65 degrees!) of rittenhouse square, i knit myself up a plain old hat for when winter comes back and bites us. its a tad short but im pleased. i have lots of yarn left over. maybe ill make another one...

but right now all im allowed to make is the hat that ive owed my friend for um, ever. i procrastinated on that today by cleaning and decorating my house with my roommate for most of the early afternoon which was promptly followed by pizza, ice cream, and a few howls from passerby's who were all very intrigued with our ice cream cones. i have a busy week ahead...i must wake up early.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

And if you were an ocean, I'd learn to float

last night i saw Juno and it was great. the whole style of the movie and the way they talked was just so much fun. and the soundtrack....good. i melted at the end when juno and bleeker sang together, it was just too sweet.

i rung in the new year wearing my finished herringbone mitts. well...not wearing. i had to hide them from the massive amounts of champagne that was flying around the room and the crazy stampeding crowd, but they were with me safe in my bag. I had finished them just before i went out and had to show them to the outside world. i really liked doing the colorwork and i am definitely going to do more soon.

today i went on a trip to the yarn store to get yarn for gifts that i havent even started....yea im bad with timing. im going to make another pair of colorwork gloves (im thinking eunnys endpaper mitts). i also have to make my brother a pair of fingerless gloves, a hat for my friend that ive been promising him for ages, as well as a hat that matches my red coat. i got:

- rowan felted tweed in whisper. it is a great gray color with speck of white and blue. the colors with go great with my red and green jackets. im excited

-RCY cashsoft dk in lichen and cashew. these will become mitts

- RCY cashsoft dk in kingfish and some more cashew. these are a surprise.

-nashua creative focus superwash in back [not pictured]

i have so many other things i should be doing. i meant to wake up early this morning and go to studio but of course, i didnt get up. but at least i did think a lot about it last night. i have a bunch of great ideas. my favorite one right now is creating 3d spaces through the alinement's of the library cabinet drawers. tomorrow i will make myself go to studio.

OH! and i also have a notebook in the works.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

new year [almost], new toys, new skills

today i dragged my mother on a two hour journey into connecticut to pick up my new library card cabinet. the picture is of it in the backseat where i had to sit with it the whole way back. it is BIG, about 4'x4'x18. it had space for 60 drawers but is missing 13. seeing the open spaces they left i was so inspired. i had had the option of this one, which is obviously not perfect, and one that was basically perfect. i went with this one because there was just something about the imperfections [and imperfection in general] that just seemed so much more interesting. just sitting back there with it i had so many ideas for my thesis and all the things i can do with it. im very excited to get back to philly to work on it. soon it will all come together.

while sharing the backseat with this thing i finished up the first half my first [yay!] two color k
nitting adventure. i have a red jacket and i felt that black and white gloves where therefore needed. i found the pattern on ravelry. they are so soft and perfect. i still have to make the second one. the two color knitting was so easy. really. who would have though, yes? i held one color in each hand and i would have finished it in one day if i hadnt read the instructions wrong and have to rip out the whole thumb. they are quite tight and warm. in the background there is also the remnants of the pea soup we made for dinner. yum.

tomorrow philly. finally.